Mysterious grave at Balban's tomb.

Who Is Buried Here, Father Or Son? | Balban’s Tomb

हिस्ट्री जियोग्राफी बड़े बेवफा रात को याद करो सुबह को सफा !!

(History and Geography are very disloyal, you memorize them at night and they are forgotten by the morning.)

This is the line which haunts me anytime I visit any historical place. Something which was much alive has now become a part of that era which is heard or read only in books and movies now a days, but is that all which we deal with? This is the motif of mine whenever I visit any historical place, looking beyond the Archaeological Departments declarations which are found at the start of every site we hold in the present. (more…)

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Zenny with Asus Zenfone Zoom

Asus Zenfone Zoom | Photographers Choice | Slim And Smart | Review

“Like Humans go through an ever evolving process, so does the acts of them and technology is one of those acts”


Many have said this before and I too believe on that “Like Humans go through an ever evolving process, so does the acts of them and technology is one of those acts”. This year Asus has proved this point by taking the first step towards that evolving process and the result is their new phone, Asus Zenfone Zoom, launched on the 22nd of this month in Agra – City of Love. (more…)

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Asus Zenpad 7.0 Review

First Impressions of My New Tablet | ASUS Zenpad 7.0 | Review

Year was going to end, 2015 had reached in its last week and it was the Happy Happy Christmas time. Gifts and decoration was in the air, everybody was talking of Christmas gift and why would I keep myself aloof from this Everybody group.

This year Christmas was going to be special for me, my gift was on the way Thanks to ASUS who were going to send me their newly launched Asus Zenpad 7.0, for the first time courier guy seemed to more important than anybody else. (more…)

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And The #GreedyBackpack Goes To……… Winner Is….

Finally the time has arrived.

Well before reaching to the results of the contest #Backpackselfie for bringing in one more #Greedybackpack’r in this world, I would like to thank all those who participated in it, gave it an overwhelming response.

Truely this last month had been the most tensed month of my life, busy schedule, travel and on the go tweeting and replying to all those lovely participants who were sending me their awesome #backpackselfies via all social media platforms.

Thank you all……….

Without you all this contest wouldn’t have reached to that level where it reached. (more…)

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Are You Going To Vote For 10 Minutes | Aam Aadmi Party Free WiFi

In two days New Delhi is going to witness the battle of the year, every body would be going to caste their vote for the assembly elections of New Delhi, Thanks to Aam Aadmi Party who brought us to this situation. Well past is past and for which our acclaimed leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal “The Masiha of Delhi population, who is going to bring a corruption free government for them”, or if I say in my own words I guess he is the only person in India who is following the thumb rule of Democracy “Government of the People for the People and by the People”, has already apologised.

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