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Looking for a tour whether a week long or a day long one main thing to keep in mind is to think where i would be spending my night. On my latest trip to Bhangarh fort and Sariska National Park same thing was going in my mind, after a long search and enquiring some i finally decided to be staying Alwar Bagh near Sariska National Park. It was the first time i would be staying in this resort but my brother had been there before on a official trip , it was he only who suggested me this resort.

Next thing was to ask for the fare , and thankfully it was the first time when i resorted to online travel portal TRAVELGURU for this , they offered me lesser amount than any other travel agent i asked or even directly asking the Alwar Bagh Resort.

Alwar Bagh Resort
Alwar Bagh Resort

We had booked two Deluxe rooms there and it was the time to check in.

Here , the best part starts which impressed me the most.

We were made to check in to our rooms , but somehow for the first time i was acting bit fussy about the rooms interior , though i have stayed in the very normal and infact being more specific much lesser budget hotels but dont know why i was not impressed by the room which they gave me for first time.

I wont say that room had some problem , it was something which i think i realised that day , i was having some problem with the Rugged look they had given to their furniture , paint of the furniture was done in that way that it looked like and gave an unfinished look.

I called the reception and told my problem , they told me to wait for just 5 minute and let us check the availability of any other room in which they could shift me. They offered me another room and it was a surprise and the most impressive thing for me , they had given me the Super Deluxe Room.

Best Part of staying at Alwar Bagh ...
Best Part of staying at Alwar Bagh …

This new room was double the size of my previous room , previous room dint had a mini bar and sofa but this one had the perfect couch. Previous room had just one window and this one was loaded with 5 windows , all facing towards the Amla farms of resort owner.

Amla farm view just outside my room window
Amla farm view just outside my room window


It was a much delight for my eyes , watching a farm of Amla , tree’s fully loaded and i would surely accept that plucked some as well as a souvenir.

Owners Haveli just adjacent to Resort
Owners Haveli just adjacent to Resort

Owner of Alwar Bagh Resort lives in resort only in their big haveli , early morning Chauhan Family sitting in their open area sipping tea , having conversation with the tourist giving a feel of home away from home , being very courteous and looking after the needs of the guest.

Kunwar Aditya Singh Chauhan
Kunwar Aditya Singh Chauhan

What a surprise it would be when a small kid comes to you and asks you about your stay , where you from ? what you have seen till now in Alwar.

Me and my wife were clicking some pictures of the garden area , suddenly from the back came a labrador dog and one loud kiddish toned voice following him ” Dont get scared , he only loves , he doesnt bite ” .

A small kid coming towards us , said hello and on the next instant he was in my wife’s lap asking her about from whe she came ? Is she Scared of dogs ? Did she went to Bhangarh ? Watched tiger at Sariska ?

He was shooting questions dint even waiting for answers and i was just smiling. Then i asked him what his name ? came the reply K. Aditya Singh Chauhan.

It was a kiddish tone , his accent was not clear so i had to twice or thrice i think. I was not understanding the meaning of K in the name. Then my wife asked him his full name and he replied bit angrily but smiling as well   ” Ufffff Dont you understand in one time , Arre Baba its Kunwar Aditya Singh Chauhan ” .

Then he moved on with his dog after giving a kiss on my wife’s cheek. Though we met him again when we checked out , he was doing drawings sitting on the reception of resort.

We were heading back towards New Delhi , but i would say the gesture of Alwar Bagh staff , the way understood my fussyness towards the room and upgrading my room to Super Deluxe Room and the meeting with Kunwar Aditya Singh Chauhan , were those things which i had experienced for first time , totally impressed with Alwar Bagh.

Though pricing of food is on a bit higher side , but looking at a situation where there is no restaurant or any food joint nearby that pricing seemed bit fine.

I would totally recommend Alwar Bagh Resort if anybody going to Bhangarh fort or Sariska National Park.





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