Heritage Mandawa | Century old Haveli | How about staying here ?

Just went through the archives of my blog and came to know that I forgot to include the best stay I have ever had in my resent concluded Rajasthan tour. Heritage Mandawa , more than a century old haveli now turned into a Heritage hotel. I happen to stay here on my Mandawa visit.

What else i could have expected in my life , day long journey coming from Bikaner travelling around 300 Km in some 6-7 hrs , knees had been paining without finding much of stretch for them , tired of sitting on a seat and last one hour was too bumpy , i was just looking for nice stay to spend my night and start again rejuvenated the next day. Gave a call to my brother and he arranged a stay for me at Heritage Mandawa , thanks for their prompt response.

Heritage Mandawa , more than a century old Haveli


Maiden visit to Mandawa and so to Heritage Mandawa , had heard a lot from my brother who had been here on a family trip a year back.

My driver had told me a bit about this hotel , it was once a haveli of a Marwari family from Rajasthan , built somewhere around 1860. Some years back it was turned into a Heritage Hotel.

My room at Heritage Mandawa


We checked in to our room and for the first time my wife came with response on first look ” Aaaahhh its Awesome ” , bell boy smiling and staring at her and i staring and smiling seeing bell boys look watching my wife clicking the pics from her cell phone and giggling again and again ” wow , its wow this is the best “.

Wish i could have spent some more time at Mandawa and Heritage Mandawa too , but no worries at all i know i am again going to visit them.

Next day we had to check out , they had arranged special Indian breakfast for us as most of other guest’s were foreigners and they were happy with Banana , cornflakes and black tea. Specially for us Heritage Mandawa staff arranged Parantha’s , cheese omlette and toast and all of it was amazing.

It was the checking out time but something was still left , my brother had told that they have renovated two rooms , and had told me to have a look to them.

Sheesh Mahal of Heritage Mandawa


One of that room was Sheesh Mahal or can say a room decorated with glasses. As soon as i had entered into it , i was getting a feeling like i have come to a set of some old bollywood movie like Mughal – e – Azam.

Lounge area of Sheesh Mahal


Just walk into the tiniest of stairs i have ever seen and you enter into this lounge area of Sheesh Mahal , maybe those stairs date back to that time when this Haveli was built and that time stairs width was kept to minimum.

Kamra - e - Nakkashi


Next to enter was the Kamra – e – Nakkashi ( Painting room ) or if i be too specific it was the room decorated with Frescoes all over it , not an inch left.

Truely it was one of those unexpected things which happened to me on this Rajasthan tour of mine.

Truely and amazing place to stay , if anybody visiting Mandawa i would strongly recommend Heritage Mandawa.





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