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It was the month of october when Phialin cyclone was going to arrive at Andhra pradesh and Odisha , every thing and every one was in a state of shock whats going to Happen ? But thanks to the Government authorities whose hard work and pre evacuation programme saved many a lives. I dedicate this blog of mine to all those who suffered and to the Government Authorities.

I was suppose to visit Puri in Odisha for a 3 day holiday with my wife in November , Thanks to The Hans Coco Palms. Things were bit different now , situations had changed and so was mood of my family thanks to Phialin. I had to enquire to The Hans Coco Palm staff about the situations there , and they told me it was all perfect now , Phialin was going to struck Gopalpur district and Puri is somewhere around 250 Km away from there , though it had given some heavy showers there but rest of all was perfectly fine.

Me and wife took an afternoon flight to Bhubhaneshwar , we reached there by 5.30pm in the evening , The Hans Coco Palms driver was waiting there for us with a placard in hand , though it has happened with me before also but this time it was very different , Now below my name My Greedy Backpack was added…. Wow…

We were going to travel some 2 hrs more on road to reach Puri from Bhubhaneshwar , day was becoming very tiring , thanks to the two and half hour flight.

Trust me , flying now a days has seriously started to take away all my mood , i still remember when i sat in a flight for first time when i was a kid it was such a joy.

Sometimes i even think ” Whether i have become too tall or they have shrunk the plane way too much , but suddenly one thing comes in my mind that my dad used to sit very comfortably with a very nice leg room and i am not that much taller than him , it gives me my answer that they have shrunk a lot “.

My room at The Hans Coco Palm
My room at The Hans Coco Palms


Whatever i used to think , that was a secondary thing now primary thing for me was now to have a hot water shower , i knew only that could ease me a bit but for that first to reach was The Hans Coco Palms.

Atlast after two and a half hour drive we were at The Hans Coco Palms , time to check in.

They had given me the Suit room , and just a glimpse of it had taken half of tiredness away from me. But i would accept, my wife was more happy and seeing her like this , suddenly she was looking like my 4 yr old niece as she almost imitated her in her movements.

After a hot water shower, we thought of going outside but after a suggestion from Hotel staff we prefered to roam around the hotel swimming pool only , we wanted to relax a bit before having dinner.

Candle Light Dinner at The Hans Coco Palm
Candle Light Dinner at The Hans Coco Palms

After relaxing a bit and taking some pics of swimming pool , now was the time to sit and eat. We wanted to have dinner outside at the pool side , as i could feel not a single mosquito was troubling me and i was loving the cool breeze coming from the sea , sea was roaring like a lion , amazing music to hear.

I just walked in to the restaurant and asked them if i could have dinner at pool side ? Thanks to Mr. Niranjan to whom i talked that time for Dinner outside , he said Yes , and trust me i think it took less than a minute for them to arrange a candle lit table for us on the pool side.

Dinner was ordered , just simple food , appetite had gone down due to tiredness.

All the time one waiter was standing right next to us , the time when food had not come while we were eating and even after we were finished , i had to tell him i am over and now i wont be needing anything so you can rest boss, then he left wishing us goodnight.

We sat there for some more time , i was loving the roar of sea , may be i couldnt see the tiger at Sariska National park recently thats why i wanted to suffice myself with roar of sea only.

Swimming pool at The Hans Coco Palm
Swimming pool at The Hans Coco Palm


Next day , early morning at 7.00 am i got up , please dont laugh, for a tired man sometimes its early morning.

I could feel the mist in air , it was bit foggy outside, sea had lowered its high pitch. I went for a little walk to the swimming pool , it was bit dark when we had reached to the The Hans Coco Palms , so till now i had not seen the whole resort even.

I had never guessed ever in my life , that morning would be so pleasant walking at that pool side feeling the mist in air.

The Hans Coco Palm
The Hans Coco Palm


Then came the right time , when i could see The Hans Coco Palms resorts full wide angle view, it was awesome. Sorry for Blurred image , my greedy camera was tired and his soul was in the charging mode.

Sea right in front of my room
Sea right in front of my room


After some hours , when sun was out and we were ready to move out towards Jagannath Temple , i came out to the balcony of my room , this awesome view was in front of my eyes. Sea was just in front of me , i could feel the waves coming towards me like they are calling me.

This is the best part of The Hans Coco Palms , all the rooms on first floor has sea view and all the ground floor one;s have swimming pool view. Water water everywhere and the eye soothing greenery , The Hans Coco Palms has been receiving the best green resort award in Odisha from some years and the proof was in front of me.

This Beach belongs to Us ... aka .. The Hans
This Beach belongs to Us … aka .. The Hans


How could i deny the call of beach , we went for a bath as its considered sacred to go for Jagannath Temple after taking the bath at Puri beach.

I would say , it was the cleanest beach i have ever seen , compare it with any other beach of India , so far i found it to be the cleanest off , and i am not talking of the private beach area of The Hans Coco Palm only , the whole stretch is very neat and clean.

We went on towards Jagannath Temple , sorry i had not taken any pics of that as camera is not allowed there and didnt wanted to cheat Lord Krishna.


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