It Happens Once In LifeTime| Why Snake Shed Their Skin | Victorian Verandaz

Why Snake shed their Skin? Ever thought of it? Never had given time thinking of it, its your skin, Do whatever you want. But that one special day when i went for Coffee Estate tour at Victorian Verandaz  made me think and even write on it, it was least expected by me from myself.

Mr. Thimaiah laughing and his co Worker holding that 8 feet long rattle snake skin… wow.. breath taking.

Sun was up , Fog had became a past which had ruined my sunrise shots , but now it was the beginning of another story and i was talking to myself  ” Lets see if i can cover this 110 acre coffee estate in single go ” we started our Walk and Talk tour of Victorian Verandaz (Click Here to know about their Hospitality). Mr. C.C. Thimaiah and his co worker kept on demonstrating me his varieties of Coffee , walking ahead of me and my wife. We trying to be alert and full of breath to cope up with those meandering paths of estate . Suddenly saw Mr Thimaiah and his co worker standing at a point giggling and laughing towards me and pointing their fingers down , something lying on the grass and I trying to decipher what exactly it was. “ Is it snake skin? “ and they Nodded “ yes “ , last night only snake had shed his skin , you are lucky Tarun said Mr. Thimaiah.

Me holding snake skin and my wife watching me excited.

Something unusual was happening in life , since childhood had seen snake charmers coming to my village and making snakes dance on their tunes and many people asking them for Snake Skin as it is considered lucky. I still remember they used to charge hefty amount for a small piece of skin and gave many odd reasons of  “ Why Snake shed their skin “ ,   “ A snake grows in length and when he feels discomfort because of his increased length which gets obstructed because of old skin as new skin had already came enveloping him , They shed their skin from nose to the end of tail by moving between two stones or some hard bushes , this process also improves their eye sight as eye brille also get removed during the process ”, WOW , that thing for which they used to pay hefty amount was was lying in front of me for FREE and I could not collect it , as I knew its going to be rotten and broken in tiny pieces after a day and I would end up carrying only the powdered Snake Skin.

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Never had found myself so excited , wow , I had witnessed something which happens once in a lifetime for anybody. Left the skin there only , lying on the grass , clicked some pics of it and left from the area carrying on my quest for finding some more new in the life , expectations had gone on to different level. Thats what life is all about , Exploring the new and living the moments for whole life. How often have you lived those moments which happens for a once in a life time ?


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