Skywatch Friday | What Else To Do , Just Click At High Speed, lovely Sunset

“Its Beauty of TIME, Whatever effort you put in, it will be gone like dry Sand in the Palm”

This is what I have always followed in life, Like every other person for me also it happens spending time becomes tough but I know that it would be gone so have to make it count. Same happened with me when I recently traveled in the Indian Train from Bhopal to my city New Delhi. Life’s 8 hrs sitting at same spot was becoming tougher and tougher for me, thanks to Chair Car compartment of the train (Bhopal – New Delhi Shatabdi ) which only offers Chair Car sitting for Travelers, its tough for me to be comfortable in those seats, whether traveling in Train or in a Flight.

Thankfully for me i had My Greedy Backpack with My Greedy Camera in it , which came out as stress buster for me. Train was going to take 8 hrs to reach Delhi , and in those hours there might be some chances that i could witness the Sunset from Train , depending on train route and whether i would be able to open the gate of compartment which is not allowed in Indian Railways.


MY first click of the ride , clicking on speed of 150km/hr.


I was traveling on the fastest train of India , which runs on an average of 150km/hr speed , please don’t compare with Europeon or Chinese bullet trains , we are happy with this speed till now, only matters is accuracy of time which they commit. Standing on the door of the compartment , for which i had to ask Ticket Checker who allowed me only 10 mins which was more than enough. Without tripod , hand held trying to capture the moments go by, Every time i got up from my seat every other co passenger staring at me , suddenly sense of being a paparazzi had developed in me.


Second Shot from my greedy camera , scenery was changing after every minute , so was my shots and mood of me.


Some thing which i learned that day was , “ Why I Love Traveling By Train ? ” , the question which i had asked many a times to myself , and one of the newest answer came to me that day , ” I just had to be stationary at one point and scenery would change on its own after every mile the train travels for every minute “.

Some minutes back sun was clearly visible, and now he was fighting for survival like clouds has just read the concept     ” Survival of Fittest by Charles Darwin ” and is now challenging sun who was enveloped and engulfed by the clouds.


Atlast the moment arrived for which i was waiting , finally sun was going back home and came to say good bye.


Some minutes and some more miles , and the dream shot right in focus of mine and my camera ” What Else To Do Now , Just Click On High Speed “ , train was on its peak speed and so was my shutter speed , anytime he would be gone and i need to pay respect to his feelings , he has come specially in this way to bid Good Bye to me and the day.

Finally Paparazzi moments were over , i was back on seat , still many more hours left to reach home but now had some company , My shots and some co passengers who had come to me out of curiosity to see what i had been doing in that scorching heat outside leaving my air conditioned apartment.

There is nothing better than getting what you want , and that would count in those days of life.


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