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The title might be very appealing but, I would admit at the starting only, this piece of writing is a blend of Emotions and caringness with a tinch of desire to do something new, trying to do something different and making it perfect is what matters most at the end of any journey you start and the same thing was done by my cousin with the help of Underdoggs : Sports Bar. Its short story how he tried and won the battle of ” How To surprise your wife on her Bday “ and ” How to keep Your Wife Happy “

It was a special day for me , being part of a surprise party for one of closest of persons of me , and to be honest we were the surprise , wow special feeling. Everything has to be special for the day so after a deep research my brother , who is always dedicated towards bringing something new and heart touching moments for his beloved wife decided to go for UnderDoggs : Sports Bar in Ambience mall of Gurgaon.

Table was booked in advance , one of the guy part of surprise was in plane coming from Mumbai , making this party look like a National Affair going on , and a dust storm also knocked on the doors of Delhi , trying his level best to ruin our party for our dear friend , but had to settle down feeling the taste of defeat from a group of Delhites , who are known for their parties and are always in party mood. And my brother who had arranged all this , was in the car on the way to the venue , still can’t imagine what must have been going on his mind that time , tension of all sorts going through, ” Hope everything goes perfectly fine ” is the biggest tension of life.

This might be a strange declaration for all , but this was my maiden visit to Ambience Mall of Gurgaon , which obviously makes it indirectly to Underdoggs as well. Well anyways i was in a mood of party and it just has to be the company which matters, any decent place would do the rest of the need full , but UnderDoggs would be such an amazing place i never expected that , may be i am not that Sports Bar type of Guy. Well UnderDoggs also deserve a lot of appreciation and space in this piece of writing , as without their hospitality it was impossible for us to go through that special moment.


IPL team flags and live match combo at UnderDoggs


IPL 2014 season is ON , and when my brothers invitation for UnderDoggs came , i was relieved that atleast i am not going to miss the Qualifier between Chennai and Punjab team , and icing on the cake was the My favourite Sehwags Century.


People Enjoying live match , sitting on huge circular Bar of UnderDogs.


UnderDogs was jam packed and so too the stadium of Mumbai. Every four or six was welcomed with a huge roar from the crowd of stadium and of UnderDogs , like it was echoed here , giving me the feel of watching a live match sitting in the stadium only.

Though for a moment , all the echoes were made silent , and the special moment was Cake Cutting , thanks to UnderDoggs who had served the lovely Dark Chocolate cake , and Happy Bday song was sung by the staff of UnderDoggs, as the knife went through , followed by loud claps from all the people present in the venue that time , something very strange was happening for me , Happy Bday song in a Sports Bar …. WoW some thing seriously special happening. What you have done Bro , you are raising the standard every time.


A fan of Billiards , concentrating hard to give his best shot and in between the shots keeping an eye on Sehwag’s shots.
One more Duo , in the middle of their tussle in Table Tennis match.


Again coming back to describing hospitality , UnderDoggs was more than a Cricket Stadium , having all sorts of indoor games in same premises like an Indoor games auditorium , plenty of screens hanging on the walls here and there not letting you miss a single shot being played while you are also engaged in some sort of game, what else you want, nobody coming to say ” You are coming in my way boss “.After the cake cutting it was our time to go for some games , though i am not that sporty type guy , so i started with my clicking game , catching everybody’s move in not my camera, as i had not brought my camera to the party.

Well i hope till now everybody would have started thinking , where is the main stuff for which we would like to go to UnderDoggs , there are lot of bachelors , brothers n sisters and sons n daughters around in this world and they also want to make somebody happy. Well for those guys and girls as well there is lot to be found here , they just need to open their heart for their loved ones and plan out something special for them , i can only suggest the place , idea should be yours.


Veg platter , with all the finger licking delicacies which i like the best and the tall Beer Pump standing on my table. Wow that was huge.


We ordered Veg and Non veg platter as starters , as in majority vegetarian were present in our group , and the food when served it was seriously mouth watering and finger licking , not a single item in the platter which was not liked by me or by others, totally a winning case for us.

Well all was totally fantastic , loud cheers both of shot and for shot , after all its a Bar and the word which would be heard to maximum times was ” cheers ” or ” Skål : Norwegian style when starting your drink ” or ” Salute : In Italian For Health “, and many more other translations would be there depending on our international friends. I guess very soon you would be hearing these words as next moment of year ” Soccer World cup ” would be celebrated at UnderDogs when it starts on 12 june with Brazil Vs Croatia Match. wow i am waiting for it , are you ?

Simply an amazing time spent , and it was the day when i realized , thanks to my romantic brother who gave a new definition to ” How To Keep Your Wife Happy “ , till now the most famous has always been a Candle Light dinner , but now it has become a quite monotonous type , though it still retains it charm , but why not go for something new. I dedicate this article to THE LOVELY COUPLE and to Underdoggs for their awesome hospitality.

Thanks again to Management staff of Underdogs for their awesome and without a single flaw hospitality , you are great guys , keep up the good work going , looking forward for more visits to your awesome play ground.



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