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The Day I Met MC Mary Kom, Thai Boxing Ambassador 2015

The United States President was in India for the 66th Republic day celebration, and his words were still ringing in my head,specially the part when he said.

“Indians and Americans are some of the hardest working people on earth. People like Shah Rukh Khan, Milkha Singh and Mary Kom inspire people”

I woke up late this morning, which is a usual thing for me but I needed to be somewhere this morning and I realised this is one event, I did not want to be late for.

I was to reach The Leela Palace, New Delhi to attend an exclusive event hosted by the Thai Tourism Board, which would have MC Mary Kom as it’s main guest of honour. I’m a huge fan and didn’t want to miss even a moment. Thankfully I wasn’t too late and made it just in time.


Obviously it was not a boxing event, so why to expect her in sports avatar.
Obviously it was not a boxing event, so why to expect her in sports avatar.


So now I disclose why this event was organised.

“MC Mary Kom, The legendary Boxer of India, Five Times World Amateur Champion and Mother Of Three Kids Is Now Thai Boxing Ambassador – 2015 Of Amazing Thailand”

Yes, India’s proud Daughter and Bahu on whom whole India and boxing community is proud off, would be the new Ambassador of Thailand Boxing “Muay Thai”.

At the moment I am least interested in going for Google search bar whether this proud moment for India is happening for first time or the nth time, but for FAN like me it is more than enough to say proudly that “Women Power” of India is being recognized internationally now and even the foreign land is coming to our people for the promotion of their sports, though this has happened in many lifestyle categories.

She was Dressed in a Thai dress, came out smiling face to address the people and thank Thailand Tourism in her soft voice which sometimes giggled also and even when some questions were raised related to Boxing, whether on her personal style or the Thai boxing, Her leg moved. Whatever be the attire, How good she was looking but yes the soul inside those beautiful drapes was still living in a boxers body only, where these leg movements came naturally.


Director of Thailand Tourism in India Runjuan Tongrut presenting cute stuff toy and boxing gloves to MC Mary Kom.
Director of Thailand Tourism in India Runjuan Tongrut presenting cute stuff toy and boxing gloves to MC Mary Kom.


After about 20 minutes of her speech, which was more about her love for boxing, her family and now Thailand also grabbing some space in her heart. People started to ask her different questions.

How you being Ambassador of Thai boxing is going to boost tourism in Thailand?

I think I even heard someone said some appraisal lines for Women, that How in yesterdays republic day celebration women role came forward, women were given greater role their and same was happening today when India’s proud daughter was honored by Thai tourism.

It was proud moment for both MC Mary Kom and all the people present their, whether they were from News Channels or Print media or even Travel Blogger like me.


Things were not over yet, Mr.Barack Obama was yet to enter the stage.
Things were not over yet, Mr.Barack Obama was yet to enter the stage.


After a long speech and a very short question round, every one was excited to ask Mary Kom for a Picture with them, a selfie with them and to have a little chit chat with her.

All the excitement came to halt, as soon as the India Media entered on to the stage and their silly question round started. Though it was a good thing, but mentioning again and again about Mr.Barack Obama speech, whether she would like to meet Mr.Obama (Ask them please,Who would not like to?, We even want to meet The President).

For me It was a nice chance to zoom in MC Mary Kom in my camera, which I had to do it manually bringing my whole skeleton near them as I had carried my 35 mm fixed focal length lens only. I could hear from the back in the sound of my shutter speed “When they are going to leave her alone, I want a Selfie with MC”. I couldn’t help snigger and think where were you selfie lovers, only last few days are left of my #Backpackselfie Contest, where were you the whole month.

Bas ab wo pal door nahi tha, that moment was not that far now.


When I posed with MC Mary Kom and she with ME :-))
When I posed with MC Mary Kom and she with ME :-))


Finally Wo Ghadi Aa Gayi Aa Gayi, the moment had arrived. It was my turn now to meet MC Mary Kom, the legend. Being a big fan of hers I waited for this moment, and surprisingly it came in this form, the previous day I had no idea about this, and with just an email, Here I was about to meet her today.

After a long wait, after many Media people and after those selfie lovers, It was Tarun gaur who headed towards MC Mary Kom, shook hands with her and talked a bit about Manipur, from where she hails and which has been my favourite place, as I spent the golden years of my childhood in Manipur.

It was just one sentence “I spent some months of my childhood in Manipur” after this I was just listening and MC was delighted to hear this and asked me, Where,How and How long You were there?.

My dad worked in a hotel in Thangal Bazaar of Manipur, and she smiled again after hearing Thangal Bazaar from me. Wow, I was living the moment to fullest, but I knew many were waiting for their moments so had to ask MC “Can I have a picture With You Mam”, and she very politely posed straight away towards the camera. I was so much in the conversation that I was least interested whether it is coming from my camera or some others, any how I will manage to get that click from him, thankfully it was Aso of Thai tourism who had clicked this pic from Mr.Anil Yadav’s camera.

It’s almost the end of the day and the event is well and over but the moment spent talking to her I will always cherish. The moment “When I Met Mary Kom” would live in my heart and mind for ever and ever.

Thank youThailand Tourism and Director Runjuan Tongrut for inviting me and making me live out one of dream moments.

Hail MC Mary Kom and Hail Muay Thai.



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