About Us

Traveller Photographer & Tour Operator

My Greedy Backpack

The Idea Behind it

My journey of our most exotic and enthroling world, specially my motherland India, has inspired me to come up with the idea of My greedy backpack.

My greedy backpack welcomes all who love to travel, photograph and would like to share their experiences in adventure.

My greedy backpack would act as a single window for all those sitting at home, unable to venture into our dream like world , to have an insight to enjoy the overwhelming experiences and unforgettable moments encrypted on the heart of others.

I welcome all to this never ending ride and would love to share mine and know the experiences of my fellow travellers.

So my fellow travellers

Let the journey begin.


Who would get help from this travel blog?

Anyone who is passionate about travel and photographs and sharing life long memories.

share, inform, and inspire.

Whether it be a weekend vacation,a long drive, a week or some long vacation, or a year long adventure around the world, all give some memories and it is always a joy to share your memories. Let your memories live in others heart also.

What we would be doing?

We as a travel community would share our travel tips, stories, photos and videos highlighting topics such as:

  • Destinations : How to choose and reach
  • Things to See and Do to make your trips memorable
  • Places to Stay and leisure
  • Where to Eat and Drink
  • Planning your trips in best way and the easiest way
  • How to travel when family is with you.
  • and how to have fun on your travels…
  • Whilst our site is an independent travel blog, we’ve been fortunate enough of not being the alone.

Let’s unite and create a world of travellers