Rani Ki Vav...Queen of Stepwells

Rani Ki Vav | Queen Of Stepwells

Ques : Which monument in India has been added into UNESCO World Heritage site in India recently?

Answer : Rani Ki Vav

Year was 2014, not that long ago and if I can remember correctly it was the most common question in every Gk exam those days. Which monument in India has been added into UNESCO World Heritage site in India recently? Answer was Rani Ki Vav. I remember almost every candidate got it correct like me. Though somewhere it helped in result and somewhere didn’t. (more…)

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Grave of George Thomas Lushington in Nainital

Have You Met The Man Who Built Nainital ?

When was the last time you visited a Graveyard? Must be thinking what question is this, Is Graveyard a tourist spot? though it is a destination but nobody chooses on his own to go their. An year back or so I had not thought of this that one fine day I would be standing in a graveyard that too in Nainital, where people go to see lakes and natural beauty. (more…)

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Mysterious grave at Balban's tomb.

Who Is Buried Here, Father Or Son? | Balban’s Tomb

हिस्ट्री जियोग्राफी बड़े बेवफा रात को याद करो सुबह को सफा !!

(History and Geography are very disloyal, you memorize them at night and they are forgotten by the morning.)

This is the line which haunts me anytime I visit any historical place. Something which was much alive has now become a part of that era which is heard or read only in books and movies now a days, but is that all which we deal with? This is the motif of mine whenever I visit any historical place, looking beyond the Archaeological Departments declarations which are found at the start of every site we hold in the present. (more…)

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#Backpack #Selfie Contest Of The Year | Win A Wildcraft Backpack

The Backpack Selfie/Picture Contest from My Greedy backpack

The First thing which comes in mind when we plan to Travel somewhere is the BackPack, simply the best companion of any traveller around the world. It was the reason I named my blog “My Greedy Backpack”, giving respect to my companion who has seen the toughest life than me. But this year I plan to bring one more #GreedyBackpack in the world, so break the monopoly and take part in this contest, WIN for yourself a #Wildcraft #Backpack and head on to your Travels in 2015. (more…)

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Deciphering India | This CATWALK would pause your WALK.

There might be a slight possibility, many would have guessed this piece of writing as something which would be elaborating and showcasing the Cat walk done by fashion models to showcase the products, well I will apologize in advance to those fellow beauty lovers ,who had prepared their review starting with the line ”Wow treat for eye today from Tarun Gaur” , sorry guys for ruining your mood. (more…)

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