Grave of George Thomas Lushington in Nainital

Have You Met The Man Who Built Nainital ?

When was the last time you visited a Graveyard? Must be thinking what question is this, Is Graveyard a tourist spot? though it is a destination but nobody chooses on his own to go their. An year back or so I had not thought of this that one fine day I would be standing in a graveyard that too in Nainital, where people go to see lakes and natural beauty. (more…)

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Mysterious grave at Balban's tomb.

Who Is Buried Here, Father Or Son? | Balban’s Tomb

हिस्ट्री जियोग्राफी बड़े बेवफा रात को याद करो सुबह को सफा !!

(History and Geography are very disloyal, you memorize them at night and they are forgotten by the morning.)

This is the line which haunts me anytime I visit any historical place. Something which was much alive has now become a part of that era which is heard or read only in books and movies now a days, but is that all which we deal with? This is the motif of mine whenever I visit any historical place, looking beyond the Archaeological Departments declarations which are found at the start of every site we hold in the present. (more…)

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Are You Going To Vote For 10 Minutes | Aam Aadmi Party Free WiFi

In two days New Delhi is going to witness the battle of the year, every body would be going to caste their vote for the assembly elections of New Delhi, Thanks to Aam Aadmi Party who brought us to this situation. Well past is past and for which our acclaimed leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal “The Masiha of Delhi population, who is going to bring a corruption free government for them”, or if I say in my own words I guess he is the only person in India who is following the thumb rule of Democracy “Government of the People for the People and by the People”, has already apologised.

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Deciphering India | This CATWALK would pause your WALK.

There might be a slight possibility, many would have guessed this piece of writing as something which would be elaborating and showcasing the Cat walk done by fashion models to showcase the products, well I will apologize in advance to those fellow beauty lovers ,who had prepared their review starting with the line ”Wow treat for eye today from Tarun Gaur” , sorry guys for ruining your mood. (more…)

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How To Fold Banana Leaf | Kerala Sadya |Deciphering India

My recent tour Kerala Blog Express of Kerala : The Gods Own Country courtesy Kerala Tourism is not yet concluded , or may be I am not letting it to get over. The memories of this tour are still lingering in my mind like they happened yesterday only,parties , that hectic schedule and those lovely 26 bloggers from 14 countries , I am missing all. (more…)

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