Day First Of Scorching Heat Of Pushkar Fair, Camel And Heat.

Shivering fingers, keys of keyboard gives an ice cube tray type sensation, every now and then rubbing hands to be able to type more, and again and again thinking why am I doing this. What else to do on these chilly and windy days of Delhi when stepping out of home is the toughest task to handle in this Dilli Ki Sardee days, just be nostalgic and write about the good old warm days of Pushkar Fair. (more…)

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Starting Of Pushkar Fair Road Trip : First Glimpses

It was not the first time I was going for a Road Trip, I always prefer going on long tours by my own car, neither it was first tour of Rajasthan, being very near to Delhi, just Haryana being the divider in between it has been the easiest long drive for any person in Delhi to have his foot landed in the beautiful state Rajasthan. This state has something which has attracted me again and again, it barren lands and deserts, beautiful people with full of colors adding the charm in the hot air. (more…)

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It Happens Once In LifeTime| Why Snake Shed Their Skin | Victorian Verandaz

Why Snake shed their Skin? Ever thought of it? Never had given time thinking of it, its your skin, Do whatever you want. But that one special day when i went for Coffee Estate tour at Victorian Verandaz  made me think and even write on it, it was least expected by me from myself. (more…)

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Its All About Antiques And Love For Them | Victorian Verandaz | Madikeri

The day I had booked my stay at Victorian Verandaz in Madikeri , I was sure it is going to be something special. Many of first timers were on the cards , first time I was going to stay in a home stay , first time it was going to be a stay at a coffee estate , I had booked my stay but had not paid a single penny in advance this was also happening for first time and the list goes on. (more…)

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A Ride On Hand Pulled Rickshaw | Kolkata | Truely A Memorable Moment For Life.

Britishers have left for us many a things which still revolves around the time and life of Indian’s , whether that be Toy Train of Ooty , Shimla or Darjeeling , Tram of Kolkata or the Hand Pulled Rickshaws of Kolkata.

Hand Pulled Rickshaw are from that gone era which has lost its impression in India , but which could be still felt in the air of Kolkata. It was 1880 when Hand Pulled Rikshaw were brought to India for first time in Shimla and later on entered Kolkata as well and is still present , though from all over world it is fast moving towards extinction. (more…)

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