Chamundeshwari Temple | Mysore | A Special Day Of Life

Tour of Mysore  was not going that well planned the way I had planned, but sometimes some things are not in our hands. Mysore King had died the day before I landed in Mysore and it was state mourning for 3 days, most of places either without any visitors which was good thing for me, specially seeing the population status of India or some places were closed.

I have always kept a separate sheet of paper, carrying the name of places which I want to visit first in that city. Unfortunately Mysore Palace was left unchecked that day, and the next name to come was Chamundeshwari temple of Mysore. (more…)

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Talakaveri | Holy River coming from the mouth of Cow | Climb 450 stairs and enter Kerala

It was the starting of Day one of my Madikeri stay , starting of tour was going to start from the two of the most holy places of western ghat , Talakaveri from where the Kaveri river originates and Bhagmandala where Kaveri river meets two other rivers.

Talakaveri was some 2 hrs away from Victorian Verandaz where i was staying and i had the nice company of our driver Mr.Kamal who was going to be our guide as well for the trip. Like i said he was going to be our guide , and he did the best in that , as soon as we were in car he started talking about Talakaveri. Sir, we are going to the point from where Kaveri river originated centuries back , you must have heard of Kaveri river dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. (more…)

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Saint Philomena Cathedral | Truely A Marvel | Never Seen Such A Beauty

Have been on road from the 7.00 Am in the morning, Banglore to Mysore and then a whole day spent going from Mysore to Srirangapatnam and coming back. Almost 9hrs straight way, but altast day coming to end and so my sight seeing, Saint Philomena Cathedral being the last destination of the day.

Reached there at 5.45 Pm in the evening , thank fully just 15 minutes before the closing time at 6.00 Pm , after which it would be closed for tourists and only those coming for Mass prayer would be allowed to enter the church. (more…)

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Mysore Palace and Backyard

Mysore Palace | Atlast visited but a bit dissappointed

Some months back on my tour to Rajasthan, Happen to went to Junagadh fort of Bikaner. In their own words it was the second most well maintained palace and fort of India coming second after Mysore Palace or Amba Vilas Palace.

From their onward Mysore Palace was in my bucket list and was dying to uncheck it. Planned my trip of Mysore, Madikeri, ooty and Coonoor in the month of December and Mysore palace was on top of the places to be visited on this tour. (more…)

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Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park | Just pug marks no Tiger, Unlucky Me.

Day 2 of my trip to Bhangarh Fort was starting, I had covered the main destination of my trip the previous day. But I would accept Bhangarh Fort was never the main attraction of the trip, it was later on decided to move there as well, from the starting trip was dedicated towards watching Tiger at Sariska Tiger Reserve or Sariska National Park. (more…)

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