Agrasen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli |Best Place spend time with yourself only In Delhi

Sometimes it happens when I am free and have nothing to do , want to spend some time for myself only and that is the time when my best friend comes in Handy, My Camera. Some days back it was the same time, was tired of travelling wanted to have sometime to relax and rejuvenate myself, in short I can say wanted to jot down some other plans, look for some places where should I travel now.

Belonging to Delhi it somehow becomes my duty to Explore more and more of Delhi as well like the way I have been on a travel spree from last 6 months or so. Traveled through Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Odisha. Now was the time to give some time to my state.

Long time back one of friend had told me about a place called as Agrasen ki Baoli, he had suggested me to go their as he was aware of my love towards the historical place, forts and ruins of ancient times.

Did some research on google and boarded metro towards Rajiv chowk, as Agrasen ki Baoli is located right in middle of the heart of Delhi. After reaching Rajiv chowk metro station, actual tough time started as to whoever I asked about the Agrasen ki Baoli answer was coming “Never Heard Off” , not a single auto was aware of this place , I just had one idea that its near Jantar Mantar. One auto dropped me to Jantar Mantar and then it was time when GPS on my phone came in use, it was the first time when I was walking on the road with my iphone in my hand google map on it and walking on streets of Connaught place tracing Agrasen ki baoli on google map. It took me atleast 15 min to reach Agrasen ki Baoli which was hidden in the middle of high towers of Haley road.


Agrasen ki Baoli
Agrasen ki Baoli

Atlast I was standing on the one of the 103 stairs of Agrasen ki Baoli, watching and getting glued with that era when this 103 stairs step well was built.

Agrasen ki Baoli is now a protected monument site according to ASI, but still no one was there in whole metro station of Rajiv chowk who could tell me the way to Agrasen ki Baoli, bit strange for a country which is cashing a lot on tourism. Have they done their Homework properly?


Agrasen ki Baoli : Try to count ... I didn't tried but I think there are 103 stairs
Agrasen ki Baoli : Try to count, I didn’t but I think there are 103 stairs


Although there are no known historical records to prove who built Agrasen ki Baoli, it is believed that it was originally built by the legendary king Agrasen during the Mahabharat epic era and rebuilt or renovated in the 14th century by the Agrawal community who traced there origin to Maharaja Agrasen.

For me it was more like a swimming pool of that era in place of a step well, which were built in those times to store rain water as there was no technology of Bore wells and high rising water tanks like present day societies have.



Agrasen ki Baoli
Agrasen Ki Baoli : This is where the imagination begins


Some parts of the well, with 103 steps, are permanently immersed in water. The visible parts of this historical step well consist of three levels. Each level is lined with arched niches on both sides.

I was bit confused standing there , on each level I could see the arches and in one of the arches stairs lead me to the higher level, couldn’t understand the purpose of these stairs.

These arches were of that size that a couple could stand in them very easily which lead me to think, if these levels and arches were built for maids so that they could provide robes to the king when he comes out of the swimming pool. Well it was just a confusion for me, technically according to the historical records its a step well not a swimming pool.

One thing I was happy to see was that I was not alone there, lot of birds and love birds were present there, making it a bit famous spot for love birds who are tired of dating in malls, bit happy its not that secluded place like I was thinking when I was not even to locate it.

On going down I again felt the same Foul smell of Bats and pigeons droppings which I had to face in my recent Bhangarh visit, in fact it is very common to these type of places , and yes i traveled till the end and came back also but I cant express how tough it was climbing back those 103 stairs, I was bit tired now and was bit hungry also.

NOTE : Eatables are not allowed in the premises, though I was carrying some and even had it also there but I made a mark that I was not going to drop a single left there, its our duty as well to keep these historical monuments neat and clean. Even no stall is there from which you could buy something to eat, except one hawker selling Ice cream and water bottle.

I had spent some 2 hrs there, I was not the lone photographer capturing this beautiful land mark of history in their camera’s, a group of budding photographers were also strolling there, had a little chat with them about the aperture and shutter speed techniques of photography.

Now was the time to leave after having spent a splendid time at Agrasen ki baoli.

Lets see now how many readers I have inspired to go to this awesome place, would be waiting for their experiences shared.



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