Why they killed them, what type of decoration is it. Is it the only way to show your Sacredness…..Hidimba Devi Temple

It was the time to visit the most famous of destinations in Manali, Hidimba Temple Manali. My hotel was very near to it just 1km away. So it was a backpack ride towards it.

That day i realised how different it is to walk 1km in delhi and 1km in manali. It seemed like i had walked atleast 5km. Had to stop after every 5min to regain my breath. Yes it took me more than 15min atleast to reach there while same distance in delhi i would have covered in less than 15min. All in all only one reason was the slopes and inclined roads of Manali.

After some time when i reached there. My first encounter was with same ladies who were carrying Rabbits in their lap. Though these ladies were not the same i had met in van vihar,but job and maybe reasons were same. I skipped them and moved forward.

_DSC0510 Hidimba Devi Temple


This was the First view of Hidimba Temple to me. Long que to enter into the temple. I told my wife to stand in the Que and i will have a look of whole complex. Me and My camera were ready to shoot.

_DSC0506 _DSC0508


Hidden beneath Deodar tree. All standing like a guard to Hidimba Devi. Who is considered as the sacred deity for Manali people.

All wood temple, wood carvings give it an aesthetic look. terrace or call it a roof made in pagoda Style like of Nepal temples.Sanctum covered with three tiered roof constructed of  narrow wooden planks placed one over the other. Lower one forming a shape of canopy and on the top a metal finial forming the fourth roof standing like an umbrella. The facade and windows of three sides of temple were richely carved with figures of Deities and animal figures.



My wife was nearing the gate to enter into the temple. I joined her there.

Something very unusual was there in the construction of this temple. I had seen wooden carvings but what i missed was in the front of the temple.



These thorns glued to my attention. A temple ornamented with thorns. What type of beautification is this. Though its very common in india to witness this type of Decorations. But is it that necessary?

All around the Hidimba Devi Temple, These thorns were placed like Medal of Honour by the king Raja Bahadur SIngh who Built this temple in 1553.

This scene had forced me to think, Now we are making laws to save the endangered species. But what to do of them who had started this culture to decorate a sacred place by Killing the Animals. It was sad picture and for me now suddenly all the beauty faded. Why they killed them, what type of decoration is it.Is it the only way to show your Sacredness.



I was about to reach the entry gate. I had a glimpse of the gate and it was a surprise. A window at my home is bigger than the gate of Hidimba Devi temple entry gate. Couldnt understand the concept behind such a miniature size door.

It is said Hidimba Devi had the power to increase and decrease the size of her. May be this reason had made the king to shorten the door to the minimum of level.May be they wanted to put her there forever forcibly. But it was just what me and my wife were whispering. Nothing like that it is a fact. We were just enjoying the moment.

Camera was not allowed inside the main premises. So no pictures of inside. But yes something could tell is.

Two priest were sitting, small statue or can say miniatured size again. But yes there was inverter facility for the priest if light went off. Though only a single bulb was lightning the premises.

In the end i had mixed feelings towards the visit. Was happy to visit Hidimba Devi Temple, but at the same time a bit of anger towards Raja Bahardur Singh.








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