Two Mantra’s Of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan | Unity and Commitment

14th November 2014 when whole nation was celebrating “Childrens Day”, I was taking part in a cleanliness drive “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by the young minds of India. Young minds, who had attained the best of education in their life, and now to make their dreams come true are seeking the blessings in form of guidance from a private institute Fiziks.

Young minds of India, showing the meaning of
Young minds of India, showing the meaning of “Unity and Commitment”


A proud moment turning into moment of PITYNESS, yes it was the first instance when I felt Pity on my nation “India”, of which I have always been proud off and always would be, but that single moment left me in a state of shock, “Unity and Commitment, which was the soul of India, gave Independence to it, is it lost somewhere or people has forgotten the meaning of these two words?”.

Isn’t it confusing, how a nation in total could be patient, waiting for the right time, to make a move in a positive direction.Is that right path so troublesome to adapt, or it’s just the lack of inner belief and commitment which stops a whole nation.
Six decades ago India attained Independence, but the so called Indians are still waiting for that first leap of faith, when they will stop relying on authorities, trusting on themselves making the change and believing the strength of two pillars “Unity and Commitment”, which are the base of any developed countries existence.


Take a leap of Faith, be united and taste the success.... Girls and boys came together for Swach Bharat Abhiyaan
Take a leap of Faith, be united and taste the success…. Girls and boys came together for Swach Bharat Abhiyan


Professor and student coming together for a common cause.
Professor and student coming together for a common cause.


This is where I remember some lines from a hit movie of our Bollywood “Rang De Basanti”, where a single line came once or twice only, but it was where the moral of the story was hidden.
        “Koi Desh Behtar nahi hota, usse Behtar Banana padta hai”

                     (No Country is perfect, it is made perfect)

Just guessing with no proof at all, Shri Narendra Modi ji might have been impressed by those lines from Rang de Basanti, which made him launch the long forgotten dream of our Mahatma Gandhi as “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, a cleanliness drive to be completed by 2nd october 2019, marking 150th birth Anniversary of Bapu.

Big Question

1. How Many Are Willingly coming forward to this Social Cause for the betterment of our Mother India?.

2. How many think “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” is for our home by the name “India”, why we think it as country only?

My camera was busy in clicking the young minds, who were busy in cleaning the roads, and the teachers of them were also lending their hands in this cleanliness drive, motif was to inculcate the sense of power which every individual has in his hands.


Boond Boond se Ghada Bharta hai (Many a little,makes a mickle)”.

This is what on which this Swach Bharat Abhiyan rely, When every single hand will join and would sense the importance of cleanliness, then only we would be able to say “Yes we live in a swach Bharat”.
Gandhi ji once said “I learnt 35 years ago that a lavatory must be as clean as a drawing-room. I learnt this in the West”. Shri Narendra Modi ji is thinking of turning Indian cities into smart cities, but do we have those smart people who would be living in those smart cities?

Referring to Smart people of India, to be more specific Delhi where this drive was going on that day, when young minds were cleaning the roads, In which nobody belonged to Delhi all have come leaving their home to pursue their dreams. I could see many cars paused a bit, slowed down for second and even some passengers in bus and auto popped out of window to see what is happening, but leaving no surprise for me nobody stepped on his brake and made a move to join these young minds. I know and I am sure that I am right in saying this, neither the brooms were less nor there was very large number of young minds who would have said, “we are enough we will handle it, you move on sir”. Anybody would like to receive a helping hand, but what to do if there is lack of commitment.


People watched and moved, nobody came to join hand.... Were they doing it for some other country or for some others home.
People watched and moved, nobody came to join hand…. Were they doing it for some other country or for some others home.


Our respected prime minister Shri Narendra Modi also knew this, that’s why he took the step of Nominating nine people’s to join his cleanliness drive and set an example, right move sir, but I am still in confusion when a RWA(Resident welfare association) of society, a panchayat of a village, a taluka , a group of village would nominate on their levels, infact I am waiting for Infosys to nominate Wipro, Wipro to TATA and on and on and let the chain grow longer and longer.

Shri Narendra Modi ji has only asked for 100 hours per year from every person of India, he didn’t even said “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Mai Tumhe Azaadi Dunga”, he has asked for is just a commitment towards maintaining the cleanliness, if you are not helping in cleaning the roads then at least don’t litter, if you can’t help then atleast don’t make things worse. Not at all a difficult task, just need to change the habits, be vigilant and attentive, at least spread the word and start liking the clean environment, then only one would find the need of clean drive and would take part in it.

There can never be a radical change giving positive effects, a slow and steady move towards progress would drive the cause to a much longer effect and slowly it would grab a position of “Much Needed Ingredient” in life, where being alive would be much more enjoyable with less of worries in life.

I am thankful of the fiziks who brought this ingredient in our locality and above that thanks to all those young minds who brought a sense of unity and made us realize again that “Unity and commitment is the Strength” and if we are united we can achieve anything we want, lets see how many private institutes like fiziks come forward in this drive.


Note : This article is written on personal feelings, not meant for promotion of any political party or private institute. Its the feeling of an Indian for Indians, that too no Hard feelings just a way to show my respect for those young minds who did a proud act that day.

If you have liked reading the post, and felt something similar which i felt watching those young minds cleaning our roads and making us realize the strength of Unity and commitment in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, please feel free to like it or share it with your friends, and let them also be inspired by these young minds of India, I salute to them for their good deed, and best of luck for future. click here to share on Facebooktwitter and Google+



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