Grave of George Thomas Lushington in Nainital

Have You Met The Man Who Built Nainital ?

When was the last time you visited a Graveyard? Must be thinking what question is this, Is Graveyard a tourist spot? though it is a destination but nobody chooses on his own to go their. An year back or so I had not thought of this that one fine day I would be standing in a graveyard that too in Nainital, where people go to see lakes and natural beauty. (more…)

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When I touched Asus Zenfone Max for first time...

Impressions Of Asus Zenfone Max

When was the last time you bought something or got a gift from somebody and had to wait for that to be opened for atleast 10 days. Ever gone through this pain, if yes then you can understand the pain of mine which I was facing from last 15 days or so. Some 15 days back Asus gifted me their yet to be launched Asus Zenfone Max, and as written it was yet to be launched so it came in a numbered lock box which was to be opened on 23rd of May 2016 only, they were going to provide the 3 digit key that day only. It was really a tough test of patience specially when anyone came at my place and saw this pandora box, and came up with a different idea to open it. (more…)

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Mysterious grave at Balban's tomb.

Who Is Buried Here, Father Or Son? | Balban’s Tomb

हिस्ट्री जियोग्राफी बड़े बेवफा रात को याद करो सुबह को सफा !!

(History and Geography are very disloyal, you memorize them at night and they are forgotten by the morning.)

This is the line which haunts me anytime I visit any historical place. Something which was much alive has now become a part of that era which is heard or read only in books and movies now a days, but is that all which we deal with? This is the motif of mine whenever I visit any historical place, looking beyond the Archaeological Departments declarations which are found at the start of every site we hold in the present. (more…)

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Asus Zenfone Zoom

Asus Zenfone Zoom | Photographers Choice | Slim And Smart | Review

“Like Humans go through an ever evolving process, so does the acts of them and technology is one of those acts”


Many have said this before and I too believe on that “Like Humans go through an ever evolving process, so does the acts of them and technology is one of those acts”. This year Asus has proved this point by taking the first step towards that evolving process and the result is their new phone, Asus Zenfone Zoom, launched on the 22nd of this month in Agra – City of Love. (more…)

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Asus Zenpad

First Impressions of My New Tablet | ASUS Zenpad 7.0 | Review

Year was going to end, 2015 had reached in its last week and it was the Happy Happy Christmas time. Gifts and decoration was in the air, everybody was talking of Christmas gift and why would I keep myself aloof from this Everybody group.

This year Christmas was going to be special for me, my gift was on the way Thanks to ASUS who were going to send me their newly launched Asus Zenpad 7.0, for the first time courier guy seemed to more important than anybody else. (more…)

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