Deciphering India | This CATWALK would pause your WALK.

There might be a slight possibility, many would have guessed this piece of writing as something which would be elaborating and showcasing the Cat walk done by fashion models to showcase the products, well I will apologize in advance to those fellow beauty lovers ,who had prepared their review starting with the line ”Wow treat for eye today from Tarun Gaur” , sorry guys for ruining your mood.


Scary one Eyed Cat challenging me and saying ” Cross If You Can “


Infact this piece is about that Typical “Indian” people who are found in India but they dont hold any specific name for their type. These are those Indians who could be of any religion found in India , “Hindu Muslim sikh or Christian or anyother you name so” though not in totality but yes some would be of this special category. These are those Indians , in whose lives ” Folklores “ holds a specific place which guide them in day to day life of theirs , though these folklores wouldn’t be having any written proof but are present in Indian Society and minds of people from ages and pass on generation to generation.

Story starts when a cute black cat though one eyed, scary one , stopped me from exiting my house some days back and my mom said ” Pause a while then leave ”. Well she was not scared of cat neither ” I “ , but she also belongs to that type of Indians who believe ” A cat crossing your way is a bad luck and you ought to stop for a while “ , let that moment of badluck pass by , nothing going to harm you are just going to spend some battery of your watch , but you would be on safer side.

In this era of modernisation , have witnessed many a examples of this special species of Indians who believe in this  ” Cat crossing Bad luck Theory ” many a people driving the high end luxury cars applies dead break on seeing a cat crossed by some distance away , like she has marked a line which if crossed some bad things would happen with you , like ” Laxman had drawn Laxman Rekha (Warning line by Laxman)” and had warned Sita W/O Lord Rama , not to cross this line until i come back , and she crossed and was kidnapped by Ravana disguised as a Rishi (Holy man ).

May be many ” Tourists “ coming to India might have also felt this incident happening in their life ” Suddenly their Cab driver stopping the car , watching in rear and side mirror waiting for some other vehicle to cross that line and make way for him , as it is the cure of this small incident which has occured and keep on occuring daily still in this century “. What a funny scene it would have been just imagine , A Tourist looking here and there and searching the Red light , and thinking why he has stopped i can’t see any reason , may be if he would have been knowing about this special category of Indians , he might have stepped down and crossed the line on his own and said ” can we move know , i have taken your bad luck on me , are you happy now “.

Don’t know why this happens , i am always amazed to see these things happening , many a times have happened with me also but everytime i just think ” Why shall we stop , Cat also has got some work to do , she also need to go to job ” Hunting Prey ” for herself and small kittens waiting for their mom at home, where is she is going to walk she doesn’t have any special road for herself “.

Hats off to India and to Indians , who in this Nuclear age still believes in these folklores , which doesn’t have any written proofs and even if ask a very old learned man ” Why we stop , when cat crossed our way “ , he comes with one simple answer ” This is a story which has been running in Indian society and would keep on running, even its the crux of whole story , whole story is not known by anybody “ . Wow , Incredible India with some Incredible Indians.


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