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On a Bright sunny day of Delhi in search of Vitamin D, that too when both the things had reached to a situation of being the most precious things for Delhi people in this chilly and foggy weather, my footsteps guided by my brain lead me to that heaven of Delhi, of which I have thought many a times but never thought of making it a day. I was at the gate of Lodhi Garden, in search of some peace, just to soak in the heat of sun. My camera was given a day off, as I was not in mood of clicking anything that day, but some words and thoughts are just for saying.

My first and the favourite click of the day, Graffiti Art on one the Dust Bin in Lodhi Garden of Delhi #Iphone


Walking in a 90 acre Lodhi Garden, fresh air and that hot sun blazing over the head, sitting and watching the 15 century marvel of history, the tombs of Lodhi Dynasty rulers.

Sitting outside the earliest tomb built in 1444 in Lodhi Garden by Ala-ud-din-alam shah where the last ruler of Sayyid Dynasty “Mohammad Shah” sleeps in his grave, my eyes went in to the far way bushes. Some thing was staring at me, bit perplexed and scared “Who is that with such a big and beautiful eyes, sitting in the bushes, and why staring me”. Almost in a slow motion my legs transported me there, and for a surprise it was nothing more than a Dust Bin painted in one of most stylish of graffiti I had seen.

May be for some it might be the face of “Mystique in X Men” or to some another caricature of Lord Shiva, but for a romantic person like me and I am sure the Lodhi dynasty rulers whose departed souls might have been going on long walks in this park at the night, for them also it was the face of some beautiful lady, adding the charm to the environment and provoking people to come near her and throw their waste in that garbage bin.


If it wouldn’t have been the way it is, it might have been lost.


Six centuries ago when Lodhi Garden was just like the burial ground of the rulers of Lodhi Dynasty, where they lie asleep in their graves they might not have thought that time would change like this. An era when WASTE was just a waste without any demarcation of being Biodegradable or not.

After so many centuries it has become a necessity of the hour, infact light has fallen on the grounds and the waste lying there and same need has come up where even the Dust Bin had to be put under the scanner to be easily recognizable. It is that effort of Indian government which made them come up with Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, but with such a creativeness, thats truely something a great work.


One more in a more secluded place of Lodhi Garden


“Nazron ne wo bhi dekha jo na dekhna tha”  My eyes were just looking for those Graffiti laden art works now, like a birder’s eye is always on the trees my eyes were in the bushes, searching for these Dust Bin. But being an Amusement park for couples only, One is bound to see something which might distract him, thankfully here the scene is different, my Pativrata wife was waiting at home.

Suddenly this place had come alive, lovers chirping in the bushes, birds singing their songs and above all beautiful faces staring at you and even some dancing and entertaining you.


Dancing girl, happily guiding towards the open lid of Dust Bin


Walking along the pavements, and enjoying that rare romantic after noon of Delhi in this winter, my eyes fell again on to this one, where a lady in “Dancing Mudra” was welcoming all to use this dust bin.

In open area, under the tree this girl was standing with arms stretched and paused at one position like whole night she entertained the rulers, Bahlul Lodhi, Sikander Lodhi and Mohammad Shah, the rulers of Lodhi dynasty who I am sure must have been fond of “Mujra” and this place under the tree was their Darbar, and as the first of ray of sun came at the dawn they paused her saying “Raat phir ayenge, tab tak aap duniya ka dil behlaye yahan khade rehkar isi ek mudra mai”.


A yogi meditating seeking to connect his indriyas


Moving ahead, thinking of Lodhi Garden’s code of conduct during the Lodhi Dynasty era, entertainment and dance was in mind when this bin came in light waiting for my sight.

A yogi meditating and seeking to connect his Indriyas, a term used for physical and inner strength, till now my Indriyas were down and a recharge was needed, but for a lazy person like me walking 90 acres of Lodhi Garden was enough, enough of exercise had been done, time machine had taken me to that era of which I had only read in the text books, to and fro from this era to that era and legs were also feeling the pressure.

Time had arrived to bid good bye to Lodhi Dynasty rulers souls, and to these pretty faces on the bin as well which were painted to promote swachh bharat abhiyaan.

A month back only, I had participated in a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a cleanliness drive going through out India till 2019. There my eyes were on the waste lying on the streets, but here the artists had done a creative work by painting these Dust bins with artistic Graffiti. It is an obvious reason, most of time these dust bin are of green color and in this lush green environment of Lodhi Garden it would have become the toughest thing to locate these Dust bin, hats off to those artists who came up with this idea.



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